Senator Bennet: 15,700 Coloradans furloughed or working without pay

WASHINGTON D.C. - As the partial-government shutdown reaches 19 days talks between Congress and the President continue to fall apart, with President Trump walking out of a meeting Wednesday morning. 

Colorado Democratic Senator Michael Bennet tweeted out against the shutdown, saying that 15,7000 Coloradans had been furloughed or working without pay due to the gridlock. 

Sen. Bennet cited a report by the Center for American Progress. The report outlined additional impacts for Colorado. 

  • 16 national parks are shut down, which costs the Colorado outdoor economy $1.9 million per day. 
  • Colorado’s 600,000 small businesses are unable to receive guaranteed loans and technical assistance from the Small Business Administration state office in Denver.
  • The immigration court in Denver is closed, stalling lawful asylum proceedings.

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