DENVER (KDVR) — Democrat Jared Polis holds a 17-point lead in his race to win reelection as Colorado’s governor against Republican Heidi Ganahl, helped along by the state’s large pool of unaffiliated voters.

Polis’ double-digit lead in the FOX31/Channel 2/Emerson College/The Hill poll comes seven weeks before the election.

Of the respondents, 53% said they would vote for Polis if the election were held today, while 36% would vote for Ganahl. But a significant minority of voters said they are still undecided — 9% for this race.

The state’s unaffiliated voters — Colorado’s largest voting bloc — are swinging the election odds in Democrats’ favor.

Only a third of Colorado’s independent or other party voters would cast their ballot for Republican candidates.

Of Colorado’s unaffiliated voters, 53% said they would support Polis in his reelection bid, as opposed to 33% who said they would vote for Ganahl.

Democrats and Republicans said they would vote largely along party lines.

Three-quarters of Republicans would vote for Ganahl while 88% of Democrats would keep Polis in office.