PUEBLO, Colo. — The Pueblo Police Department (PPD) Special Victims Unit reminds parents and children of the dangers of sexting and sextortion that may be a result of such actions.

PPD says it receives numerous reports involving inappropriate pictures being sent to boyfriends, girlfriends or acquaintances. Reports of sexting have increased over the years, states PPD.

The department has provided the public with information on how to minimize the chances of a loved one being a victim of sexting as well as the potential distribution of these images throughout the internet.

Sextortion is an online exploitation crime directed towards children in which coercion or blackmail is used to acquire sexual content, engage in sex or to obtain money.

What is happening?

Youth are sharing nude content.

  • One in six youth surveyed (ages 9-17) have shared a nude image.
  • 50% of kids who shared did not care if they knew the recipient in real life.
  • 41% of those youth who have shared, also sent images to people they believed to be adults.

Child Sextortion Case Facts

  • 60% knew the perpetrator.
  • 51% did not report incidents to family or friends.
  • 13% reported incidents to law enforcement.

What can you do?

Talk to your children about sexting & sextortion

  • Remind them: Don’t create, request or share images.
  • The perpetrator is to blame!
  • Remember that five out of six children report that they have not shared a nude image.
  • One in four victims of sextortion were 13-year-old or younger when threatened.
  • Have regular conversations with your children about their online activity- be their trusted adult.

Access Helpful Resources

  • National Center for Missing & Exploited Children Website
    • CyberTipline: Report sexual exploitation of minors here.
    • Get Help Now: Learn how to remove explicit content from popular platforms here.
  • Thorn Website
    • Stop sextortion: Help for victims & tips for adults.