Police urge increased gun safety in homes following four-year-old’s death


EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. — It’s a situation no adult ever wants to happen: a child finding a loaded gun and injuring themselves or worse.

Police say it’s a tragic situation that happens too much and is 100% preventable.

“A trigger safety lock, hide the keys, make them inaccessible to other people in the house,” El Paso County Sergeant Jason Garrett said.

Other tips to ensure gun safety include storing guns and ammo separately or keeping them locked in a safe. When it comes to vehicles, police have an entirely different recommendation.

“I would never store a firearm in the car,” Garrett said. “Law enforcement across America on a daily basis have to take reports of firearms being stolen from car. Typically, thieves do not break into cars with the sole purpose of finding a firearm. It’s just a crime of opportunity but it happens all the time. Then we have these firearms in the hands of criminals.”

Another important piece of advice: talk to your kids about guns and the danger that comes with handling them incorrectly.

“Familiarization is always a good thing,” Garrett explained. “Making it not a sensitive subject but boldly talking about things. We have a responsibility as parents, and caregivers, and as a community as a whole to make sure that kids are knowledgeable and safe in that context.”

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