PLOVER, Wis. (WFRV/NEXSTAR) – The residents of Plover, Wisconsin, were likely doing double-takes when they saw their newly painted water tower.

Earlier this week, the crews responsible for painting the tower made a spelling error — on both the stencil and the actual paint job — that resulted in the words “Village of Plvoer” being plastered across the tank for all to see.

While no residents will have to update their information to reflect that they now live in “Plvoer,” it seems like locals and even the fire department had some laughs over the misspelling.

The Plover Fire Department shared a photo of the tower (which, at the time, only had the letters “PLVO” on it) to their Facebook page, writing “Greetings from the Village Plvo Fire Department!”

“New paint job on the Plvoer water tower looks great,” joked one Twitter user.

“Can’t wait to move to Plvoer, Wisconsin this weekend!” said another.

At least one enterprising individual also started making shirts with the phrase “Lvoe Plvoer” in response, with proceeds going to a local Boys & Girls club in “Plvoer,” she said.

The blunder happened while the water tower was being repainted on Thursday, according to Village Administrator Dan Mahoney. Crews began painting over the mistake the same day, and were expected to finish Friday, he told the Stevens Point Journal.

Plover, meanwhile, is not the only Wisconsin municipality to have a mishap regarding a water tower, as Sussex had one in 2017 when workers painted over the “SUS” and left the rest of the tower — which read “SEX” until the following day.