Planet Fitness invests 1.5 million into Colorado Springs


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COLORADO SPRINGS – The COVID-19 pandemic has made getting off of the couch and on to fitness more difficult than ever before. Now with holidays around the corner, Planet Fitness is investing $1.5 million into Colorado Springs to encourage everyone to get off the couch and back in shape in a no-judgement environment.

Local Planet Fitness location owners Jason Jost and Rich Jost said that they are very excited about what this could mean for the local community.

“We just previously, at the very end of 2019 and into 2020, invested 2.7 million dollars into a brand new location off of Woodmen Street. That’s really where our journey started in Colorado Springs. There’s three older locations owned with another group but we decided to partner to build that location and continue to expand throughout the springs,” Rich Jost said.

Over 95% of Planet Fitness locations is individually owned and operated by individuals. This allows for operators to know exactly what their immediate community needs.

“There’s never been a better time than now considering the pandemic considering now and where we’ve come from to prioritize your physical and mental health. We really want to give the opportunity to all the communities we possibly can,” Rich Jost said.

Over the next two to three years, Planet Fitness plans to invest between four to six million dollars into Colorado Springs, part of which will include two or three new gym locations.

Rich Jost said, “When we looked to grow, we wanted to find communities that really were underserved for an opportunity to have a judgement-free fitness location that’s really accessible and affordable. All of the areas that we looked at, that didn’t exist.”’

Each location will continue to offer a wealth of brand new equipment and machines as well as friendly staff and welcoming amenities.

“One of our biggest focuses is to get those 80% of individuals off of the couch. What happened off of covid just magnified the mental and physical health of going to the gym. The ones who were affected the most by the pandemic weren’t the healthy ones,” Jason Jost said.

To learn more about Planet Fitness and the Colorado Springs locations, click here.

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