COLORADO SPRINGS — The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum (CSPM) hosted the International Brazilian Opera Company (IBOC) and members of the Stroud Family for their workshop performance of ‘RACE the Opera.’

The workshop performance was held from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. in the Division I Courtroom. The performance was the first early presentation of the work in progress for ‘RACE the Opera.’

RACE is inspired by the life story of Colorado Springs resident, Kelley Dolphus Stroud, who rose to be a star scholar-athlete projected to win the 5k Olympic trials in 1928. His story of achievement, love and determination starts when he is denied funding to travel from Colorado Springs to Boston for the Olympic trial.

“At the CSPM, we continually work to connect our community to the region’s unique and complex history… We are honored to host this special preview,” said Leah Davis Witherow, CSPM Curator of History.

The story of Kelley “Dolphus” Stroud is also displayed in two permanent exhibits at the Pioneer Museum.

This event is FREE, but pre-registration is required on the CSPM website.