(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Brothers and sisters in blue came together to honor fallen law enforcement officers at the Pikes Peak Region Peace Officers Memorial Service on Friday, May 19.

35 names of those killed in the line of duty were read during the ceremony including El Paso County Deputy, Andrew Peery, and Fountain Police Officer, Julian Becerra, whose deaths were heavily felt within the last year.

“We will never close out the love that we feel for our deputies, for our officers, and for the families,” said El Paso County Sheriff, Joe Roybal.

It was this same love for a community the 35 fallen officers believed was worth giving their lives to protect.

“Closure means we will never see them again and we recognize it, but they continue to be part of our family. We will never let go of that,” stated Sheriff Roybal.

The losses hit close to home while the community remembered two of its own– Deputy Peery and Officer Becerra– who were both killed within the last year.

“Our deputies have to deal with those emotions and go to the next emergency and wake up the next day and continue to serve daily despite those risks while dealing with their own emotions,” said Sheriff Roybal.

The memorial service reflected the true meaning of ultimate sacrifice.

“Officers come into this profession understanding that something they could get injured on, could happen or even killed,” stated Chief of Police for the Colorado Springs Police Department, Adrian Vasquez. “But every single day they’re still going out there, donning this uniform. That type of profession isn’t in everybody. And I think it’s very important that we honor the service of officers who have given their lives.”

All who have answered the call to protect were saluted across the nation during National Police Week, not just in the Pikes Peak region.

“The Colorado Springs community is unlike other places in the country and to see that… truly it brings a smile to my face just knowing the support that our officers are getting,” said Chief Vasquez.