(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The Pikes Peak Little Free Pantry, a well-known community food pantry, has been brought back after the City of Colorado Springs reviewed its city code and found the pantry to not be in violation of an ordinance.

On Friday, Oct. 21 the Pikes Peak Little Free Pantry posted on their Facebook page that they had been closed by the City of Colorado Springs, due to a city ordinance that prohibited locations west of I-25 from leaving food out overnight, with the goal to help reduce bears in neighborhoods.

On Monday, Oct. 24, the Pikes Peak Little Free Pantry posted that they have been allowed to reopen after speaking with the City of Colorado Springs. A photo sharing the correspondence with the City said that they reviewed its City Code and found that the pantry did not “present a violation worthy of enforcement action.”

The City told FOX21 News that they spoke with Hailey Radvillas, the Owner of the pantry, and thanked “her for her willingness to help those in need in our community and for operating in a manner that does not negatively impact the community or conflict with City Ordinances.” The City also said that they will work with Radvillas to find solutions to any problems that may arise.

“If the conditions of the operations change and present a problem, I will reach out to her so that we can work together to find a reasonable solution,” said Mitch Hammes, Neighborhood Services Manager, City of Colorado Springs.