(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Jan. 23 is National Pie Day, not to be confused with National Pi Day which is celebrated on March 14. So what is the difference between the two days?

National Pie Day celebrated on Jan. 23 is all about the foodstuff known as pie, from desert pies to meat pies. According to the National Day Calendar’s website, National Pie Day was created by the American Pie Council in 1986 to commemorate Crisco’s 75th anniversary.

National Pi Day is celebrated on March 14 to commemorate the mathematical constant of Pi or 3.14. National Day Calendar says the earliest known celebration of Pi day was in 1988 when Larry Shaw organized the celebration at the San Francisco Exploratorium.

So why do people eat pie on pi? National Day Calendar gives a simple solution, they are homophones or sound the same. Also, pies are usually round like a circle which Pi is used for calculations in circular math.

This is not counting National Pie Day on Dec. 1 that the National Day Calendar says is during a major pie-making season.

Regardless of which day or why you celebrate, there is always a good reason to have a pie.