(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Across the state, pedestrian-involved crashes are on the rise. Colorado State Patrol reported a 13.5% increase in these types of wrecks last year compared to 2021.

In Colorado Springs, we are no stranger to these types of incidents.

“Last year, all pedestrian crashes in the city… we had 194 involved accidents with pedestrian,” said Robert Tornabene, senior public communications supervisor for Colorado Springs Police.

State Patrol found citations involving pedestrians who were at fault increased as well.

Police said this has to do with pedestrians failing to pay attention while stepping into the road, which can often prove fatal.

“Last year was our highest number in the last five years, it was 15,” Tornabene said.

The good thing, Tornabene said, is that overall, we’re trending down in incidents in Colorado Springs. But, it still is a concern.

So, some things police recommend is making sure you are crossing on a crosswalk with the light. Even if you have the light, in inclement weather, paying attention to traffic is especially important.

“With the weather going on… really be careful when you’re walking up to intersections and you’re getting ready to cross. Make sure that that car has stopped before you step off that curb,” Tornabene said.

And, ditching the phone while crossing the road can help.

“They’re not paying attention, they’re looking at their phone, they think they have the time and they don’t realize how much time passes from that,” Tornabene said.

Of course, police said drivers also share in the responsibility of pedestrian-involved crashes.

“We have a very bad habit of driving fast in the Springs,” said Tornabene. “And, as a result we need to slow down a little bit.”

He added that at night, we can sometimes see people experiencing homeless choosing to cross suddenly, so being aware can also help in these circumstances.