COLORADO SPRINGS — Scott Elementary School in Colorado Springs is reflecting on the anniversary of 9/11 with their annual Patriot Day on Friday.

The event is a way to recognize and show appreciation to our local heroes. Students get to meet and interact with law enforcement and first responders from 12 agencies across the Pikes Peak Region.

Classes rotate to different stations with paramedics, police officers, wildland firefighters and SWAT all on campus to show the students what they do to keep our communities safe.

“We did a student council meeting and we set up all the decorations for today. And it’s really cool how they can come out here and like show us what they do and how they help us,” said Addy, a 5th grader at Scott Elementary.

The school has put on this event for the last 6 years as a way to honor what each agency does for the community and offer a opportunity for kids to build relationships with the person behind each badge.

“We’re very lucky that we’ve got a department that really thrives on and emphasizes our interaction with the public. And we really try hard to make sure that we’ve always got that relationship,” said Officer Jason Falette, with the Colorado Springs Police Department K-9 Unit.

“I’ve been here my whole career, and it’s one of the things I’m very proud of this department for. And this is a good example of that. They’re not always going to get an opportunity to interact with the police or fire or whoever else, particularly in a positive way,” Officer Falette adds.