PUEBLO, Colo. — Parkview Health System is adding a new center for cancer treatment opening Tuesday, Oct. 4.

The Parkview Comprehensive Cancer Center is a three-floor facility bringing cancer care into one facility. According to Parkview, the first floor will have Parkview’s team of radiation and surgical oncologists. The second will be medical oncology and hematology care and treatments. The third floor will feature Parkview’s Breast Health Center.

Parkview says this is important as all of a patient’s doctors will be able to work closely together to ensure the best possible treatment.

“There are many ways to treat cancer today. We are extremely fortunate to have several treatment options that are leading to increased survival rates and better outcomes,” said Dr. Suraj Singh, Parkview Director of Radiation Oncology. “Keeping track of all these options – and determining how to best apply them to individual patients – demands a more coordinated approach.”

Parkview says the facility will house 51 cancer staff members in various diagnostic and treatment fields. More information about the facility can be found on Parkview’s website.