(PUEBLO, Colo.) — The Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Commission honored CPW Park Rangers at Lake Pueblo State Park for their heroism in saving multiple lives last summer.

  • A group of park rangers seated in chairs
  • A group of park rangers sit behind a speaker at a presentation
  • People sitting around tables during a presentation
  • Acting CPW Director Heather Disney Dugan, far left, CPW Commission Chair Carrie Hauser, Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources Dan Gibbs and Acting Southeast Region Manager April Estep, right poses with Lake Pueblo State Park Rangers after they were honored for life saving heroism

Acting CPW Southeast Regional Manager April Estep praised the rangers for risking their lives by plunging into the frigid waters and high waves to save guests of Pueblo Lake.

The CPW Park Rangers honored are; Kristopher Gard, Joseph Portteus, Seth Herndon, Matthew Taylor, Jasmine Wolcott, Park Manager Joseph Stadterman, and Ranger Josh Kloesheim.

2022 was officially the deadliest year on Colorado’s waters, with several drowning deaths. CPW urges guests on Colorado’s waters to take water safety seriously and wear a life jacket.