COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Two 13-year-old boys are under arrest for allegedly plotting to kill people at Sabin Middle School in Colorado Springs.

The boys were arrested Friday, October 6, after an investigation uncovered guns as well as other evidence revealing their plans.

School District 11 notified parents about the incident Monday, October 9 and students were told in an announcement from the principal that same morning.

“It’s scary, very scary for a parent and a grandparent,” Douglas Tata said.

Tata is the grandfather of an 8th grade girl at Sabin. He told FOX21 he was informed of the situation via email, and said after situations like the massacre in Las Vegas, this hits way too close to home.

“Now that it’s happening in her school, it’s actually happening here, I’m very sure that she is very, very scared,” said Tata.

Some parents picking their kids up still had no clue about what had happened.

One mother we heard from has a daughter in 7th grade. She was surprised to see all the media there and was shocked to learn why. She did not want to go on camera but says this is very surprising for this school.

“A few concerned parents called the school. We’ve had some interaction with some of the families and rightfully so and as a parent it would be very concerning to me and so we’ve been talking with families,” Devra Ashby, the spokesperson for District 11, said.

Police say both students were booked into the juvenile detention center on charges of inciting destruction of life or property and conspiracy. Both are felonies.

“Our SROs are confident that there are only two individuals who were having this kind of online dialogue to include conversations between themselves,” said Lt. Howard Black with CSPD.

Now the school is asking parents to have some serious conversations with their kids and to monitor their social media and online activity.

This is still a very active investigation and any information could be helpful to police.

The district says they will have crisis counselors on hand for any students who need to talk.