(FOUNTAIN, Colo.) — It’s been over two weeks since a man was found dead near the train tracks in Fountain. Police are continuing to call on the community for help regarding information about what happened, so the family can get closure.

The Fountain Police Department (FPD) is looking for information about who killed 31-year-old Christian Cook. The lead detective in this case, Michael Bixby, said that Cook’s death was ruled a homicide, based on the gunshot wounds shown in his autopsy report. Detective Bixby and Cook’s parents say that someone in the community has to know something.

On Easter morning, when James Cook didn’t hear from his son, he knew something was up.

“Every day we’d talk… He would’ve at least, you know, said Happy Easter that morning,” said James.

Later that day, on April 9, Michelle and James Cook found out that their son Christian was found dead beside the Fountain train tracks, near US Highway 85 and Alegre Street.

“I was torn apart,” said James.

Two weeks after his death, Christian’s family still has no idea what happened the night he died.

“We want to find out who did this. What happened?” said Michelle, saying her son did not deserve this. “He was a very sweet boy. Always smiling. Happy to help you with anything. Good father.”

What they do know, according to Detective Bixby, is that Christian was shot between 8 p.m. and midnight on April 8.

“We actually do have quite a bit of information on this case. What we do not have yet is a response from the public regarding relevant information for this case,” said Bixby.

No one from the public has come forward with information on this case.

“The not knowing is horrible,” said Michelle.

Any information, including any communication with Christian leading up to the incident, his whereabouts, or any persons of interest, is information Bixby says could be useful.

“Christian was very popular in the community. Had a lot of people that liked him, and we know he had several friends that might have information to share…So, anybody that has any information that has remained silent, either out of guilt, fear, or shame, we want to put your mind at ease. We’re here to solve this case,” said Bixby.

Christian’s parents hope someone in the community can help bring their son’s killer to justice.

“I know somebody knows something… Please, somebody needs to come forward,” pleaded Michelle.

If anyone has information that can help investigators, you can directly call FPD at 719-382-8555, the department’s anonymous tip line at (719) 382-4200, or the Crime Stoppers Tip Line at (719) 634-STOP (7867). If the information leads to a felony arrest, you could be eligible for a cash reward.

Bixby says while unfortunately, they couldn’t protect Christian on the night of April 8, what they can do, with the community’s assistance, is help the family get closure.

“We can serve him, and we can serve his family by finding the information we need to bring this predator to justice. Not only for their sake, for Christian’s sake, but to prevent anyone else from being victimized by this coward,” said Bixby.