(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Parent’s Challenge, a nonprofit, has received two grants worth a total of $550,000 to assist low-income families in El Paso County in schooling their children.

Parents challenge helps families in need by providing options that cover; financial support for tuition at a private school, tutoring, summer school, transportation, computers, school uniforms, and other education-enhancing investments if they choose a traditional public, charter public, or home school.

The Daniels fund is a private charitable foundation dedicated to making life easier for the people of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. It provided Parents Challenge with $450,000 over the next three years.

The Anschutz Foundation is general-purpose philanthropy that provides grants to charitable organizations working in youth development and education, health, human services, core principles, and quality of life. It donated $100,000 for a one-year grant.