COLORADO SPRINGS — The owner of Rose Spa in Colorado Springs who was found guilty of felony pimping, a single count of keeping a place of prostitution and pandering for prostitution will be sentenced, July 6.

An affidavit released by the courts gives more details about events leading up to 56-year-old Xinan Xia’s arrest.

A Colorado Springs Police Department detective was advised that Rose Spa located at 2833 Dublin Blvd. had been a front for prostitution for years. The Metro Vice Unit was aware of three additional tips that had mentioned prostitution occurring at the Rose Spa. They also received an email from an anonymous source who reported being sexually assaulted by a masseuse at the Rose Spa.

With further investigation, the detective uncovered about 30 reviews all citing sexual encounters experienced by clients from the Rose Spa. This information was listed on an explicit website where individuals can review massage spas that openly practice prostitution.

The detective also found that Xia was the owner of another spa known as Energy Day Spa located on 3523 N. Carefree Circ.

The massage parlor was previously known as the “Just Relax,” spa in 2013. Just Relax Spa was investigated for prostitution where an arrest was made. After changing titles, the Rose Spa was investigated once more for prostitution in 2015 where arrests were made as well.

In July 2020, a CSPD detective went undercover as a client and set up an appointment with the Rose Spa. The affidavit details his encounter with an Asian woman who had the detective lay face down on a bed completely undressed with only a small towel covering. The masseuse eventually had the detective turn over after a brief massage. Arrest papers say, the detective asked the woman if she did “extras,” which based on his training and experience is a slang term commonly used for requesting sexual acts in exchange for money. When she nodded in consent, he then made a hand motion commonly used to indicate masturbation and asked the masseuse how much it would cost, according to the affidavit. She indicated she would perform the service for $50. The detective then called for an arrest from the Metro Vice Unit, Strategic Investigations Unit and Patrol who conducted a bust on the Rose Spa.

In an interview, the woman stated that she had been working at the Rose Spa for two years under the management of Xia, who was also her boyfriend. In an additional background check, she was found to have been arrested three separate times in Florida for prostitution in 2016.

Xia is out on bail until his sentencing. More information about the case will be updated after his trial.