TELLER COUNTY, Colo. — More than one year has passed since anyone has seen Teller County woman Dava Leonard. She was last seen on March 3rd, 2021 in Divide.

“[She’s] the one person always laughing, making jokes… she really was the comedian of the family.”

Miccah Leonard, Dava’s sister, said when she didn’t show up for a family birthday party, she became concerned.

A picture of Miccah’s sister (left), Miccah (center) and Dava (right). Credit: Miccah Leonard

“She was supposed to come back for his birthday on March 5th or call or something. And she never called, never came back. I got a bad feeling on March 3rd. I just, in my heart, I knew something’s wrong.”

Miccah said she had her suspicions about her sister’s boyfriend who Dava had been living with for more than three years. And she expressed concerns about domestic violence.

“She met him online on a dating website and then he came down to Pueblo and picked her up,” Miccah said. “My other sister says the first time he came and picked her up that he was just like possessive and, ‘Come on, we got to go. Get your stuff. Let’s go.’ And everybody in the house was like, ‘Who is this guy? Was he acting like this?'”

MIccah told FOX21 that Dava wouldn’t leave her family without notice.

“For [the sheriff’s office] to say she didn’t have nothing there, and then she walked away with nothing and she left her dog, Ello… she didn’t. She didn’t walk away from her stuff.”

For now, Miccah said their family hopes the investigation turns up something soon, and, as they wait for answers, she’s getting the word out to help bring Dava home.

“Knowing that one day I’ll see her again, knowing that she’s okay, knowing that she’s in a better place, just knowing I have the boys, and that’s part of her and, you know, sometimes I don’t cope.”

The Teller County Sherriff’s office said this case was recently reopened because of new information, but CBI is currently handling the case.

FOX21 reached out to CBI, but they declined to comment while the case is open.