TRINIDAD — This weekend, the city of Trinidad kicked off its Santa Fe Trail Days celebration. This is a tradition that has been going for over a hundred years to honor the Santa Fe Trail which ran from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Western Missouri.

“Trinidad has its own little spin to it. It just draws you in,” said Amy Navarette, event organizer and executive director for the Trinidad and Los Animas County Chamber of Commerce.

With a slow last couple of years because of COVID, Navarette said she’s looking forward to drawing in more people with this year’s festivities.

“We’re hoping that the festival is going to bring in a lot of tourists to help with all the ‘mom and pop’s’, because, of course, Trinidad is a ‘mom and pop’ local business,” she said.

Multiple vendors came out to set up early Friday afternoon. Credit: Dez Rowe

It’s one vendor’s first year at the event, showing up with his food truck, Marko’s Son of a Brisket.

“My dad was Hispanic and he never said any cuss words at us so he used to call us ‘you son of a biscuit,” said owner Mark Martinez, smiling at the memory. “So, we called it Son of a Brisket.”

This food truck will be cooking up delicious barbeque all weekend long.

“We have smoked brisket, we have tornado potatoes, ribbon fries… and that’s one of our best-sellers. They get it loaded with barbequed brisket, cheese and jalapenos.”

The Martinez food truck will be serving up delicious barbeque Friday and Saturday. Credit: Dez Rowe

The owner said he grew up in Trinidad going to Santa Fe Trail Days year after year.

“As a kid, you come and you get to enjoy it.”

Now, he said he’s excited to pass along the memories to others.

“We’re trying to get involved in the festivities to make it special for those young kids that want to hopefully follow our footsteps and make it grow.”

It may be a small town, but the event is quite the opposite.

“Santa Fe Trail really hits home for Trinidad,” Navarette said. “I have vendors coming from Colorado Springs, Walsenburg… there’s some from New Mexico coming… so, we’re hoping to draw a lot of business.”

And, now that it’s back, it’s something that the people of Trinidad can continue to enjoy every year.

“It’s these festivities that keep our town going, our city going and people coming out and just visiting and having a good time,” Martinez said.