Over 100 vets help one of their own in Operation Burn Scar


Courtesy of Disgruntled Vets.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.– A group of veterans gathered together to help their own in Black Forest, Colo. on Saturday, Aug. 28.

Veteran Dale Gardner’s property was completely destroyed in the Black Forest Fire. His home, shop and all of his equipment were a total loss.

The county told him he had to clear the 150 downed and dead trees that were burned in the fire.

On top of that Gardner used to do a lot of metalwork, so throughout the burned trees was a bunch of scrap metal.

At least there used to be until over 100 vets came to an event organized by Disgruntled Vets and US Veteran Woodworks called Operation Burn Scar. The mission? To cut down all of the trees and haul them out.

“This guy signed a blank check at some point in his life, and I feel like we owe it to him for one,” said Zachary Smith, an organizer for the event.

“Veterans know no bounds. If you need help, all you have to do is raise your hand, say, ‘Hey! I need some help!’, and it should be like this for any response really,” Smith said.

The event’s organizers Disgruntled Vets and US Veteran Woodworks said that they are planning to do future similar events in the future.

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