COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Mayor John Suthers will welcome home all Colorado Springs-based Tokyo 2020 Olympians and Paralympians on Monday, Sept. 6, during the morning balloon launch at Labor Day Lift Off.

Over 12 athletes, several of whom are bringing home medals, will be attending and recognized at the event.

Confirmed athletes include:

  • Jennifer Valente, Olympic champion, women’s track cycling
  • Kevin McDowell, Olympic silver medalist, triathlon
  • Lucas Kozeniesky, Olympic silver medalist, shooting
  • Kara Winger, 2020 Olympian, track & field; Team USA’s Closing Ceremony flag bearer
  • Sgt. Sandra Uptagrafft, 2020 Olympian, shooting
  • Spc. Benard Keter, 2020 Olympian, track & field
  • Alexis Lagan, 2020 Olympian, shooting
  • Maria Liana Mutia, 2020 Paralympian, judo

“Colorado Springs is the epicenter of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic movements, and that is most clearly seen in the number of athletes who live and train here in Colorado Springs,” said Mayor John Suthers. “It is an honor to have so many Team USA athletes in our midst, and we look forward to celebrating their achievements at the Labor Day Lift Off.”

Over 175 Olympians have lived and/or trained in Colorado Springs. 53.1% of all medals won by Team USA in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games are coming from athletes who lived and/or trained in Colorado Springs.

Over half of all medals won by Team USA in the Tokyo Paralympic Games have been from athletes who have lived or trained in Colorado Springs, including 60% of all gold medals.