COLORADO SPRINGS — Some community members are alerting the city about their concerns over a proposal to install a gate on Old Stage Road, which is located just behind the Broadmoor Hotel.

A meeting to discuss the proposal was postponed until Thursday, Oct. 6 at Cheyenne Mountain Junior High School. Neighbors FOX21 spoke to are concerned with the amount of graffiti, illegal dumping, and shootings that occur on Old Stage Road.

Neighborhood Meeting to Address Old Stage Road Access

“I live literally about a hundred yards from what’s known as ‘party rock.’ I hear pretty much everything that goes on,” said Dana Duggan, who lives near North Cheyenne Cañon Park. “Somebody shoots a firework or gun over on Gold Camp, for example, I’ll hear it.”

Neighbors along Old Stage Road report hearing gunshots, seeing people illegally dumping trash and tag the landscape with graffiti.

“We’re looking for ideas on how to curb that activity and I’d like to hear the public’s input on what those ideas might be,” sai Todd Frisbie, a Colorado Springs Traffic Engineer.

The city proposes gating Old Stage Road but is open to other solutions like an increase in law enforcement. Community members will have their chance to brainstorm ideas and are already sharing concerns.

“We support the additional patrolling, the gating not so much,” Duggan explains, “By gating Old Stage Road we’re controlling people’s freedom and access to trails.”

The proposal from the city includes installing a time-activated gate on Old Stage Road. The area of the new gate would be located just above the mailbox turnaround on city property.

Proposed location of gate at Old Stage Road

“Most of the time that gate will be open, anybody coming from the West, the gate would open automatically,” Frisbie explains, “Emergency services would have the ability to close and open that gate at any time.”

City officials say gates have already gone up for similar situations along Gold Camp Road, North Cheyenne Cañon, Palmer Park, and many other spots.

The upcoming neighborhood meeting will take place Thursday, Oct. 6 from 6-7 p.m. at Cheyenne Mountain Junior High, 1200 West Cheyenne Road.