(COLORADO) — The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) Office of Gun Violence Prevention announced that it will expand its pilot program, increasing award amounts to a total of $50,000 after nearly 30 organizations have responded to the program in less than a month.

According to CDPHE, the new grant program is designed to fund projects that conduct community-based gun violence prevention initiatives that are evidence-informed and have demonstrated promise at reducing violence.

Funds may be used for education, training, and community programs regarding topics including responsible gun ownership practices, safe storage, existing laws, mental health, and substance use resources.

“We are very pleased to have so many organizations apply for grant funding and that we have an opportunity to significantly expand the grant program to give even more organizations a chance to apply,” said Jonathan McMillan, Director of the Office of Gun Violence Prevention.

The office will now accept applications through Feb. 23. Organizations that have already applied can amend their applications for larger amounts if they choose. The office plans to grant a total of $450,000.

The application to apply to the grant program can be found online.