COLORADO SPRINGS — North Cheyenne Canyon Road in North Cheyenne Cañon Park will reopen to park visitors on June 4.

The road has been closed since September of 2021 while three aging bridges were reconstructed. The bridges were more than a century old and were at risk of failing.

“We would like to thank neighboring residents and park users for their patience during this truly historic project that has replaced three bridges all more than a century old that were at risk of failing in North Cheyenne Cañon Park,” said Gayle Sturdivant, Colorado Springs deputy public works director. “Despite the complexity of this project and working conditions in the canyon, we are pleased to be reopening the road in close range of our initial timeline and hope park users have a fantastic summer enjoying all that North Cheyenne Cañon has to offer.”

Visitors should be aware of occasional weekday flagger and construction equipment through the end of June as crews work on finishing touches. Some parking areas will remain closed while work around the bridges and the Mount Cutler Trailhead completes. Visitors should also be aware of heavy traffic on the park road and should only park in designated areas. Parking on the road and in shoulders is illegal and vehicles that do so will be ticketed.

The project cost approximately $6 million and was funded by a grant and the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority.