(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Forge Evolution and the Richard Petritz Foundation partnered to launch Teens on Trails, which gives youth opportunities to explore the outdoors, learn trail stewardship and gain an understanding of conservation.

“What we’ve done is we’ve both adopted a trail and a park, and our goal is to help young people really come together and identify and feel that this park is theirs,” said Morgan Mote, CEO of Forge Evolution.

The two nonprofits took a group of teens to these areas in early October to clean up trash, dog bags and clean up graffiti.

“They were asking about, you know: ‘Well, why is tagging wrong?’ or ‘Why would someone pick up poop but then not throw it away?'” Mote said.

The idea behind the program is to give teens a better appreciation of conservation and the outdoors.

“It was really great for them,” Mote said. “To begin to recognize all of the pieces of taking care of a park and a trail.”