(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The neighborhood social media platform Nextdoor, has featured a seasonal map of homes participating in Halloween for ten years, now this year they are adding new additions to the map feature.

According to Nextdoor, the Treat Map is an effective trick-or-treating guide, where neighbors can indicate if they will be handing out candy, decorating the house, or both. This year with a partnership with Beggin’, the dog treat from Purina, users of Nextdoor will be able to indicate on the map if their house is pet-friendly and if they are giving out pet treats.

Nextdoor treat map
Courtesy: Nextdoor

“The Treat Map has surprised and delighted neighbors around the world for the last ten years and we’re thrilled to add a new level of excitement for pet-loving neighbors in the U.S. through our partnership with Beggin’,” said Emma Mondolino, Head of Nextdoor Create. “The Treat Map gives neighbors a way to celebrate and interact with one another both online and offline. With more than 75% of Nextdoor neighbors being pet owners, it’s a natural and compelling evolution of the map to introduce a new, pet-friendly integration.”

Another feature will allow trick-or-treaters to read descriptions shared by homeowners about what they will encounter at their home, including the “Halloween holy grail” full-sized candy bars.

The Treat Map will be available in the U.S. as well as the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Australia, and Canada.

In order to view the Treat Map, all users must create, or have a Nextdoor account, which can be created in the links above.