New survey aims to improve county parks and trails


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.- The community can now make their voices heard when it comes to parks in El Paso County as the parks department launches a new survey asking people for their opinions.

As the department crafts its master plan for parks in the county over the next 10 years, they want to hear from the community about what they want to keep or change in their favorite parks.

“The public is our eyes and ears in the parks, so when they are out there experiencing, and they’ve got great ideas, we want them to come to us with those great ideas,” Todd Marts, El Paso County Parks executive director of Community Services said.

The survey aims to ask people for suggestions, to share their perspectives and to provide recommendations for all county parks and trails.

“Part of the master plan process is for us to reflect on what we have how we are doing and also what we can look at own the future,” Marts said.

Marts said the department typically makes a Master Plan every 5-7 years. As the last one was made in 2013, he said the time for new ideas is now.

“We consider ourselves the experts, but the users are the important part of that. We only have parks because of the public, and so we want their input to make it better,” Marts said.

Some of the questions the survey asks are as follows:

  • What do you think of County parks overall maintenance?
  • What should El Paso County Parks focus more on?
  • Should they provide more off-leash dog areas?
  • Should they look at adding more parks and trails around the county?

To participate in the survey, visit the El Paso County Park Department’s website.

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