COLORADO SPRINGS — This Suicide Awareness Month, Instagram is stepping up its resources and announced the launch of new settings for teens that limit sensitive content across the Meta platform.

The changes for teen users will restrict what is seen. New users will be defaulted into the most restrictive setting, while existing users can choose to increase or keep the app’s current restrictions.

New Changes for Teen Users:

-Restrict What is Seen: For teens under 16, new teen users will be defaulted into the most restrictive setting or choose to see less of Instagram’s Sensitive Content Control.

-Check-In: A new ‘setting check-up’ will encourage all teens to update their safety and privacy settings so they know who can re-share their content, who can message and contact them, what content they can see, and understand their time spent on Instagram.

“Teenagers should be seeing the new review policy now,” Lori Moylan, Meta Public Policy Manager says, “That’s just part of a big slate of updates that we’ve released over the summer to give teens more control and give parents more tools to be able to have conversations with their teenagers about online activity.”

Last December, Meta announced their commitment to building a safer app experience for teens.

This announcement encourages parents to discuss their teens online activity to promote age-appropriate experiences on Instagram.

Facebook on the other hand is limiting how companies can advertise to teens. Facebook says it will notify users who turn 18 that they can now be targeted with interest-based ads.