COLORADO SPRINGS — Biking enthusiasts in Colorado Springs got to test out the brand new mountain bike pump track and skills course at Cresta Open Space Tuesday morning.

A pump track is designed to allow the rider to pump up and down the small hills and valleys in a way that neither peddling nor braking are required to propel the user through the trail, while a skills trail is a natural surface trail with obstacles that require a change in course and balance. Both trails are accessible to bikers of all skill levels.

“It’s a much bigger pump track and a longer skills course than anything else we have in the parks system,” said Corey Sutela, Executive Director of Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates. “So for a constructed facility… so far this is the biggest one we’ve been able to implement.”

Cresta Open Space is located at 1100 Mercury Drive in Colorado Springs, south of Motor City. Visitors of the pump track are encouraged to park in available street parking on Vista Drive, adjacent to the detention pond. Parking is not allowed at Skyway Elementary School, the little dipper pool, or on private property.