By Kody Fisher


Colorado springs could soon get a new memorial in one of our city parks.

A group is trying to build a war dog memorial to honor military dogs, both past and present, who serve our armed forces.

The group trying to get this built is still in the process of securing a location.

The memorial will cost around $180-thousand dollars and they are seeking public donations to help pay for the project.

One local former military dog handler said every city should have a war dog memorial.

Larry Chartier said there is nothing that can compare to going into battle with a dog at your side.

“There’s no piece of equipment in the military that can compare to a dog,” said Chartier.

Larry spent a year and a half in Iraq and Afghanistan with his now retired war dog Canto.

“The dog is right there by your side 24/7,” said Chartier.

He said him and canto were in charge of detecting explosives.

“I’m alive today because of my battle buddy,” said Chartier.

It’s that type of heroism by the war dogs that inspires Ruby Ridpath to start the process of creating a war dog memorial in Colorado Springs.

“The dogs don’t realize how many lives they’ve saved throughout history,” said Ridpath.

The idea for the memorial is a year in the making. Now, they’re trying to lock down a location in a local park and raise the $180,000 to build the memorial.

“Hopefully the funds will be coming from people that appreciate and love these dogs in the public arena,” said Ridpath.

Ruby said the memorial will be to honor all war dogs and also give a history of war dogs.

Larry Chartier said it will mean the world to him.

“It’ll be nice to have it,” said Chartier, “it’ll be really nice. Especially for those that have lost their dogs.”

The group putting this project together say it’s just a matter of time before the memorial gets built. They said they hope to have it completed by next year.

If you would like to donate, click here.