(COLORADO SPRINGS) — A vivid atmosphere is alive as music pumps through a dance party-lit space.

A 5 a.m. class is full of early morning gym goers ready to stretch a workout.

“Community”, gym goers say, is the best way to describe RockBox, a hybrid kickboxing gym that opened earlier this year in Colorado Springs.

“That’s what’s great about this,” Corey Swiger, the owner said. “All these people we know. We know their name, what their cat and dog’s name is.”

David Stewart is a client of Rockbox who started with the gym a few months before it opened it’s doors in February. “Everybody here has a goal. We all want to get into shape and we all push each other.” Stewart says in his time with the gym he’s lost 50 pounds.

RockBox holds multiple classes daily with membership prices that vary.