New hope in a vaccine reducing allergic reactions to cats


There’s new hope in a vaccine that reduces allergic reactions for those who want to be cat lovers but can’t for health reasons.

If you’re allergic to cats, you are actually allergic to a type of protein called Fel-d1, which is found in the fur of the cat.

Researchers are looking at a vaccine given to cats that can reduce the protein, often causing allergic reactions.

The potential antidote called HypoCat is said to neutralize the protein and causes a cat’s immune system to attack and destroy it.

A study, released in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, found that the vaccine considerably lowered the quantity of Fel-d1 protein generated.

Both humans and pets could benefit from this therapy. Allergic cat owners could lower their risk of developing chronic diseases such as asthma, becoming more tolerant of their cats, making it easy for their feline friends to stay at home and not be given up to shelters.

Although these are some promising results, none have been approved for the market yet so are not available for the treatment of cat allergies in people.

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