(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Renting equipment for outdoor activities like skiing, mountain biking and rock climbing is expensive. But a new app just launching in Colorado Springs is offering a simple and safe way to share gear with others in the community.

GOBE is creating a cycle of sharing among neighbors. GOBE is a free app where people list their gear and users, AKA riders, can rent from other locals.

There’s everything from mountain bikes, to skiis, paddle boards and pickleball gear to choose from on the app. It’s a local hub for borrowing gear run by the community, geared toward locals.

“If you had the app, you could just see someone down the street has exactly what you need and you’ve got it for the day,” said Matt Stack, Founder of GOBE.

Stack, a Colorado Springs Veteran, has spent the last two years developing this app.

“I was always fascinated by these community fueled businesses. So that’s where the idea for GOBE came in. I realized, let’s just build the platform and let the community do it with one another,” said Stack.

The app is designed with several safety protections for both hosts and renters. Hosts choose whatever price they want to post their items and pocket 80% of rental costs, with the rest covering operations.

“When I put my paddleboard to rent on GOBE, not only can I make money off of it, but I know that GOBE has streamlined the process to make sure my gear is protected,” said Kelsi Cole, a GOBE user and advocate.

“I have a whole phase built out and vision of what we want to be able to do for the Springs and to cities beyond. I’m convinced that we can shift the entire industry here in the Springs just by having 100 individuals who we would call those hosts,” said Stack.

You can click here to download GOBE and get started on your next adventure.

“And if you live local, you know the importance of utilizing Colorado Springs and the beauty of Colorado Springs. Not only can we support each other in our endeavors, but we can support different causes that GOBE is supporting environmentally as well,” said Cole.