COLORADO SPRINGS — The first step in obtaining an instruction permit in Colorado just got much more convenient.

The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) announced on Tuesday the new online Driving Knowledge Test, also called a permit test, which gives Coloradans the ability to test for an instruction permit online at any time, anywhere, no appointment needed as long as they have internet access and a working webcam.

Previously, aspiring drivers had to schedule a visit to a State driver license office to take a Driving Knowledge Test or do so through a driving school, but that’s no longer the case with the “@Home Driving Knowledge” testing application. Colorado will continue to offer the in-office service as well. 

Any Coloradan old enough to test for an instruction permit can take an @Home Driving Knowledge Test by completing pre-registration at Except for a $5 testing fee and a $1.50 credit card processing fee, @Home Driving Knowledge Tests have the same fees as current, in-office Driving Knowledge Tests, which are free for the first attempt.

This means the first attempt with the @Home Driving Knowledge Tests platform is free of State fees. Subsequent attempts will cost $17.65 each, with the state collecting $11.15 of the total when visiting the DMV to get an instruction permit. 

After completing and passing an @Home Driving Knowledge Test, aspiring drivers will need to schedule a visit to a State driver license office to get an instruction permit. Coloradans can schedule an appointment after completing their exam at

Aspiring drivers younger than 19 will need someone 19 years old or older to register as a proxy for the exam. The proxy, in addition to the test taker, will receive the results of the test and as well as other notifications. The @Home Driving Knowledge testing application also has  measures in place to ensure the integrity of each exam’s results, such as active cursor and video monitoring.

@Home Driving Knowledge Test questions are available in English and Spanish like the exam currently offered in State driver license offices, and if you have speakers connected to your computer, it can be read aloud in either language by the testing application.

More information on @Home Driving Knowledge Tests can be found at