(CRIPPLE CREEK, Colo.) — The Two Mile High Club has announced a new date for the annual Donkey Release in Cripple Creek for Monday, May 29 at Noon.

Due to inclement weather and snowstorms, the date for the release was delayed from May 15 to May 29.

The release will happen at the intersection of C Street and Thurlow Avenue. The donkeys will roam free in the City of Cripple Creek throughout the spring, summer, and early fall. The Club said the donkeys delight those who live in the area and visitors alike. They love eating apples and carrots and the special donkey treats available at local businesses.

According to the Club, this year is special as “President Teddy Roosevelt” will be on hand to speak and facilitate their release as he did in 1901 when the donkeys were beasts of burden in deep underground gold mines where they lived, worked, and died under inhumane conditions.

Before the donkey’s release from their winter pasture, they receive care from a veterinarian and farriers.

“The donkeys receive attention to their teeth and hooves and get their annual vaccinations before release,” said Brandon Westhoff, President of the Two Mile High Club, caretakers of the Cripple Creek Donkey Herd. “We want to make sure they are turned out healthy and in good shape for their summer of roaming!”

This year there will be two new donkeys; Calypso and Salsa, mother and daughter who will roam with the herd for the first time.