(COLORADO SPRINGS) — A new app is launching in Colorado Springs to connect neighbors living in apartments, condos, and home owner’s associations (HOA).

The app’s creator made Zonzon to connect people and build a sense of community, something that he says is needed within what he calls the “soulless and disconnected experience” people have while living in apartments.

The creator recently moved to Colorado Springs from California and quickly learned how many people living in Southern Colorado don’t even know their neighbors and miss out on the opportunity to connect with people who share similar interests and values.

“It’s easier to be anonymous and broadcast something negative about a neighbor on a large platform,” said Sam Pilli, the creator of Zonzon . “It’s much harder to do that when you’re three or four doors down from them, and you gotta walk by their door or drive by their garage. So that tends to moderate the behavior and we’ve seen that where people are respectful in the app because they know hey its a transparent open communication with… just the residents of my community which tends to do that, unlike the large, anonymous platforms.”

Pilli said he hopes the app can help lead a startup culture in Colorado Springs. Zonzon is available to download in the App Store and Google Play.