Tomato plant gone rogue, grows on wooden pillar in the East River


That’s right, America’s favorite ketchup brand deployed a security team at the tomatoes site who will be periodically checking in without disturbing their natural habitat. Armed with binoculars and extensive tomato prowess, our security team assessed the scene this afternoon and has obtained exclusive photos of the tomatoes (photo credit: Heinz/ Stuart Ramson).

NEW YORK — In a strange and astonishing turn of events, a single tomato plant has sprouted on a piling near the Brooklyn Bridge.

A Heinz representative said, Heinz saw the news, and since the brand knows a thing or two about good-looking tomatoes, Heinz is pledging to do its part to protect the tomato at all costs.

“We can’t make any promises about the tomato’s future, but we will soon have boots on the ground to survey the scene and alert us of any precarious activity. We are taking this seriously.”


Since the East River tomato has captured the hearts of New Yorkers and people everywhere, Heinz has decided to add it’s own tomato security detail to the plant.

More tomatoes were discovered after the initial finding, and has inspired a social media frenzy!

Courtesy: Heinz/ Stuart Ramson

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