COLORADO SPRINGS — On Monday, a federal judge struck down the Center for Disease Control’s mask mandate for public transportation. Some airlines announced the change during flights to, what appeared to be, generally enthusiastic reponses.

Several passengers took video from aboard their JetBlue and Delta flights as others cheered and waved their masks in the air.

The woman who shared the above video from her Delta flight said about 75% of her fellow passengers immediately removed their masks.

Anyone who prefers to continue to wear a mask while traveling is encouraged to do so.

Here are the airlines that have officially lifted their mask mandates:

– Delta
– United
– Southwest
– American Airlines
– Alaska
– Hawaiian
– JetBlue

Additional announcements are expected in the coming days.

And, after TSA announced that, effective immediately, it would “no longer enforce its Security Directives and Emergency Ammendment requiring masks use on public transportation and transportation hubs,” both the Colorado Springs and Denver International Airports announced they will not require masks either.

Travelers are encouraged to continue to carry masks with them, however, as mask requirements could vary by airline or destination.