WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — Members of Congress and advocates are pushing for the Biden administration to evacuate more than 18,000 Afghans, to keep a promise many service members made.

“Let’s show these Afghans, let’s show the world, we have their backs,” Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) said.
Moulton says the U.S. needs to support Afghans who risked their lives to help Americans.

“When guys like me asked Iraqis or Afghans to work for us, we said to them ‘We have your backs,'” Moulton said.

Moulton served and fought with Afghan allies. He is calling on the president to evacuate more than 18,000 Afghans, before finishing the military withdrawal.

“It takes 800 days to get a special immigrant visa, and we’re going to be out of Afghanistan in 80 days,” Moulton said.

Hussain Kazimi is one of many Afghans who served the troops as a translator. He fears for those still in his home country.

“I feel and understand their situation, because the threat is real and they are in danger,” Kazimi said.

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are voicing support for the thousands who say their lives are threatened by the Taliban.

“This would be somebody who was beneficial and helpful to our troops. We should look at what we can do to be helpful to them,” Rep. Fred Keller (R-Pa.) said.

Republicans like Keller and Rep. Dan Meuser (R-Pa.) are calling on the president to take action now.

“The idea that we would abandon them would set a terrible precedent for the united states and our military moving forward. We must secure their safety before an entire pullout takes place,” Meuser said.