Lubbock second-grader brings entire class to watch her adoption


LUBBOCK, Texas — An emotional day at the Lubbock Courthouse as one second-grader and her little sister were adopted in front of their entire second-grade class.

“I can tell by this courtroom as it’s as full as it’s ever been in my 10 years, that there is a tremendous amount of support for this proposed adoption,” said Judge Hatch, Lubbock County Judge.

Seven-year-old Sayleh Scott and her 2-year-old sister, Sky, joined the Scott family after living with them for two years. They now make a family of seven, with an older sister and two older brothers.

“This has been so natural and just so normal for us today, that is was just a piece of paper that was signed honestly,” said mother Suzanne Scott. “I tucked all five kids in bed last night. I’m gonna tuck all five in bed again tonight.”

Their adoption is particularly special for the Children’s Home of Lubbock. Sayleh and Sky mark the 1,000th adoption for the organization.

“I can’t imagine better parents for these two girls, people who give their hearts entirely for their children,” said Jimmy Moore with Children’s Home of Lubbock. “This is a huge victory for us, and I hope to have many more down the road.”

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