Jogger confronts man who flashed her


CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — A man seen flashing a woman while jogging in Boston, probably didn’t expect her to turn around and chase after him.

But that’s exactly what 33-year-old Aia Polansky did, after the man exposed himself to her while running.

“About two miles, three miles away from my home I saw a guy pulling his pants down up to his knees. I remember thinking this is a little weird because there is no way to … there is no way to pee: it’s an open path… you have, on one side, the river, the other side the highway. When the guy came closer to me, he pulled his pants one more time all the way down to the knee and then I realize that it’s not just by mistake. He actually wants to show himself to me,” Polansky said.

So Polansky, a fitness trainer and former soldier in the Israeli Army, decided to confront the man.

“I knew that he’s flashing himself to me, the next girl he’s going to grab. The third girl will get raped. I knew that if I’m not gonna get him now, he’s gonna get away with it and it will happen again,” she said.

Polansky chased the man down and called for help, but says he managed to escape when she reached for her phone to call police.

Police in the area haven’t managed to track him down yet, but they have released a description and are looking.

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