CHICAGO (WGN) — Chicago’s own Jim Belushi stopped by Nexstar’s WGN studios in Chicago on Friday to discuss an upcoming Blues Brothers show, but he stuck around to give the weather forecast, too.

“Sucks,” he stated, while motioning in the direction of Chicago on the map. “It’s hot.”

WGN meteorologist Tom Skilling added that Belushi was more of a natural than Nicolas Cage, who once tried his hand at giving the forecast while promoting his 2005 film “The Weatherman” during a visit to WGN.

“Well, look, here’s the clouds,” said Belushi, pointing to some expected precipitation over Chicago. He also identified a storm just north of Wisconsin.

“Hey, you get three meteorology credits just for that,” Skilling said.

The comedian also tried his hand at a more comprehensive weather report, with Skilling and WGN meteorologist Demetrius Ivory looking on.

“If you look over here, it’s gonna be hot, hot hot. Thunderstorms on Wednesday — be careful. Look, traffic is gonna be bad on the Eisenhower [Expressway] whether it’s raining or not,” he joked.

Belushi, together with Dan Aykroyd, will be performing on the first night of the inaugural Blues Brothers Con festival on August 19 and 20 in Joliet, Illinois.

“We’re gonna be singin’ and dancin’, doing ‘Soul Man.’ And rumor has it that some of the original band members are going to show up,” Belushi said.

The festival will also be taking place at the Old Joliet Prison, which was the site of the opening scene in the original “Blues Brothers” film. Concert attendees can also tour parts of the old prison at the show.

During his appearance on WGN, Belushi also discussed his work with the Last Prisoner Project, which aims to redress the sentences for those previously convicted of non-violent cannabis-related offenses.