EPA celebrates Annual Septic Smart Week


Courtesy of the EPA.

PUEBLO, Colo.– The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency kicked-off its annual Septic Smart Week this week which is a yearly reminder for all homeowners, wastewater professionals and local officials to design and maintain effective septic systems.

The initiative offers educational resources to local organizations and homeowners to learn how to safely maintain them.

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This year’s themes are as follows:

• Think at the Sink! What goes down the drain has a big impact on septic systems. Fats, grease, and solids can clog a system’s pipes and drain field.

• Don’t Overload the Commode! A toilet is not a trash can. Do not flush non-degradable items such as dental floss, diapers, wipes, and hygiene products – they can damage a septic system.

• Don’t Strain Your Drain! Use water efficiently and stagger use of water-based appliances. Too much water use at once can overload a system that hasn’t been pumped recently.

• Shield Your Field! Tree and shrub roots, cars, and livestock can damage your septic drain field.

• Keep It Clean! Contamination can occur if a septic system leaks due to improper maintenance. Regular testing can help ensure that your drinking water is safe.

• Protect It and Inspect It! Regular septic system maintenance can save homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs and protect public health.

• Pump Your Tank! Ensure your septic tank is pumped at regular intervals as recommended by a professional and/or local permitting authority.

To learn more, click here. For more information, visit for resources and information, including recently released Quick Tip Videos.

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