OMAK, Wash. (WJW) — Washington State Patrol Trooper John Bryant said he’s seen a lot of improperly secured loads in eastern Washington, but nothing like what he witnessed on the road Sunday.

A driver in Okanogan County was pulled over and cited after being seen hauling an SUV in a U-Haul trailer, according to Bryant. The vehicle was hanging out of the back of the trailer, secured with some type of strap.

The driver was cited for failure to secure a load and was fined $139, Bryant said.

The driver’s license was also suspended, and the motorist was found to have an outstanding misdemeanor warrant for failing to appear for a court date stemming from another charge of driving with a suspended license.

The U-Haul rental was long overdue and was nearly reported as stolen before it was stopped, according to Bryant. Both the trailer and the SUV, which was not in working order, were impounded.

“Any time a WSP Trooper sees a potentially unsafe situation on public roadways, a Trooper will investigate. We have seen a lot of improperly secured loads, especially in eastern Washington,” said Bryant. “I have not seen or heard of anything like this before.”