(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The United States Air Force said it will reverse punitive actions taken against service members who refused the COVD-19 vaccine mandate and sought exemptions.

According to Fox News, the Air Force said it will remove “adverse information” from the records of service members who sought an exemption on “religious, administrative, or medical grounds and who received adverse actions solely due to their refusal to take the vaccine exemptions.”

Those adverse actions, including letters of admonishment issued solely for vaccine refusal will be set aside. Involuntary discharge proceedings will also be terminated and promotion records will also be corrected, Fox News said.

The move was effective on Friday, Feb. 24. The report from Fox News said service members do not need to take any action to initiate the correction to their records.

The Pentagon formally dropped its COVID-19 vaccine mandate in January. The Pentagon said military branches have until March 17 to rescind their vaccination policies, according to the report from Fox News.

It is currently unclear if this reversal would impact cadets at the Air Force Academy who also sought exemptions.