(COLORADO) — Dec. 29 is National Pepper Pot Day and according to nationalcalendar.com, the soup has been around for centuries and has a built-up mythos about it.

Pepper Pot Soup originates in Africa and made its way west with the slave trade. According to Colonial Williamsburg’s website, the soup is popular in Jamaica, St. Vincent, and as a Christmas Dinner in Guyana.

The website said, “Like many African dishes, the exact ingredients varied depending on what was available. The concept of creating a soup with the cheapest cuts of meat paired with starches, greens, and hot peppers is an old one.”

According to numerous sources, including the National Calendar site, Pepper Pot Soup is also known as “the soup that won the war” referring to the Revolutionary War. The legend claims that George Washington’s chef came up with the soup to “boost morale and warm the troops” in the winter of 1777 and 1778 in Valley Forge.

While the story cannot be officially verified, it is credited with increasing the popularity of the soup in Philadelphia.

Here are some recipes to test for those who want to experience this legendary food:

This soup is sure to warm anyone and delight the tastebuds as well. Enjoy a bite and some history on this chilly January day.