(CUSTER COUNTY, Colo.) — The Custer County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) says naloxone nasal spray is available for free at the Sheriff’s Office for those concerned about a loved one who may be at risk of an opiate overdose.

During an overdose, CCSO said officers use Narcan or Kloxxado to temporarily allow a person to breathe before emergency medical care. The Sheriff’s Office received a grant to supply the Kloxxado brand of Naloxone.

CCSO reminds the community of the Good Samaritan Law that provides immunity to persons who report a drug or alcohol overdose.

According to the Colorado statute, someone who reports an emergency drug or alcohol overdose is immune from criminal prosecution if, “the person reports, in good faith, an emergency drug or alcohol overdose even to a law enforcement officer, to the 911 system, or to a medical provider.”

Immunity also applies to those who remain at the scene until a law enforcement officer or an emergency medical responder arrives. Additionally, the law extends to a person who suffers an overdose.