Momma bear and cubs spotted in Colorado Springs


Courtesy of video footage from Kristi Smith.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.– A momma bear and two cubs were spotted last week in Colorado Springs.

A viewer sent this video to FOX21 News of the trio rummaging through some trash near The Broadmoor. 

Courtesy of viewer Kristi Smith.

This is a great reminder to purchase bear-proof trash cans as the bear population is experiencing hyperphagia–a time where they consume thousands of calories to prepare for their winter hibernation.

With a nose that’s 100 times more sensitive than ours, a bear can smell food five miles away. 

According to the National Parks Service, once a bear has found easily accessible food, it will overcome its wariness of people and visit the site of the food often. 

Should you see a bear, give it lots of space and safely remove yourself from the area so the animal can go on its way. 

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