(PUEBLO, Colo.) — On Monday afternoon, Dr. Bill Plauth and his friend Harriet Weidner left StoneCreek of Flying Horse in Colorado Springs for a sail on Lake Pueblo.

“It’s just the boat,” said Dr. Plauth. “Just seeing it, brings back memories.”

His passion for sailing formed after his parents purchased him a boat at a young age.

“By the time I was eight, I was allowed to go all by myself and spend the entire day,” said Dr. Plauth. “I would sail from the very beginning.”

Dr. Plauth is originally from Amityville, Long Island, and grew up sailing in Long Island Sound. 

“This is wonderful just to be out here,” said Dr. Plauth. “As we drove up… wouldn’t it be fun to go down there and sail a boat on a real lake.”

Dr. Bill Plauth, Harriet Weidner, and Captain Doug are out sailing on Lake Pueblo.

Maddox said there’s around 120 apartments at StoneCreek of Flying Horse and about 70 people living at the residence. The Senior Living Center has several lifestyle options including independent living, assisted living, and memory care.

Maddox said she works to have a personal relationship with everybody at the community and she discovered that Dr. Plauth enjoys sailing.

“I knew he was from like Long Island area, and he told me that he loved to sail,” said Maddox. “So I really wanted to make it happen for him.”

The sailing ride on Monday afternoon is referred to by Maddox as a “miracle moment.”

“It’s called a miracle moment,” stated Maddox. “What have you done before in your life? And you’d like to do just one more time or what have you never done and would love to do again? We really make it happen.”

The crew with big smiles after sailing on Lake Pueblo.

Maddox said the miracle moment on Monday is one of the many she helps plan.

“We’re in the business of gathering happy memories, as many happy memories as you can, and we do it for everybody,” said Maddox.